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REVIEW: Planes 2 – Fire & Rescue. Dusty’s Back!

Planes 2 Review

One of the many benefits of being a Mommy Blogger, and a boy mom is I get to go watch all the Disney movies without all the princesses and singing! After the success of “Cars”, our household was quite taken with “Planes”, which released last year, and although the storyline wasn’t all that off from “Cars 2” with its race around the globe theme, it brought about a new energy, cause “Planes are cooler than cars, mom!” So with keeping [Read More...]

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Kate’s Morning Sickness Lets the Cat out the Bag

Kate Pregnant

The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William are expecting her second child and being treated for severe morning sickness, royal officials announced today. The couple’s Clarence House office said they and their families were “delighted” with the baby news, and that the former Kate Middleton was being treated at Kensington Palace for severe morning sickness. She was hospitalized for the same condition, hyperemesis gravidarum, during her first pregnancy with Prince George, before she was eight weeks along, so as for [Read More...]

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iParent Workshop A Must For All Parents

Mommy Matter iParent Workshop

For those of you who are avid followers of Mommy Matters, you will remember our invitation to the exclusive iParent workshop we ran a few months ago. It’s been a while, and things have been a little crazy here, but I would still like to share the excitement of the day, and to remind you how you can get involved. Mommy Matters hosted an exclusive iParent workshop at the iStore in Cavendish (with some snacks and drinks to add to our usual events vibe), but this is open to all parents who are wanting to [Read More...]

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Win With Squish


How pouch crazy are your little people? Getting out of the house with your baby or toddler can feel like the relocation of an entire circus. We’ve recently reviewed some amazing self-made options here on Mommy Matters, but if you’re a busy mom like me, and barely have time to include veg into dinner time at all, let alone a variety, and then puree and package, these Squish Baby or Squish & Go pouches are the essential easy, self-feed meals-on-the-go. Packaged in lightweight, consumer-friendly pouches with twist nozzles that increase [Read More...]

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Previous Articles

Happy Baby

Cape Town Mom Sues Over Down Syndrome Baby

This story has recently hit newspapers, and created a bit of a stir in our city, as a mother of a young child with Down syndrome has taken her case to the Constitutional Court to claim for damages and to argue that common law should recognise a claim for “wrongful life”. Ms H, (as she is only know as to protect the identity of the child) attended the Kingsbury Foetal Assessment Centre in Claremont six months giving birth in 2007, [Read More...]

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Art of the Brick

The Art of The Brick heads to South Africa

You have no idea the level of excitement that’s descended on the Mommy Matters office since receiving this news! Expo24, specialists in global travelling exhibitions, will be bringing the world-renowned LEGO® art exhibit, The Art of The Brick, to South Africa at the brand new Watershed Exhibition Centre at the V&A Waterfront in December, and will be the first “Internationally acclaimed” exhibition to take place in this space. But Don’t cry Jo’burg moms.. If you don’t get to see it [Read More...]

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Thanks, I’ll Try That!

By Natalee Holmes. Friends of ours just had a baby. Their first baby. I am always so excited when people have their first children. Especially people who are so special to me. I am always so thrilled at how much they have to look forward to. And I just want to tell them everything I know in one go to help them. I remember when my first son was born. I remember what it was like to hold that teeny tiny human and look into his big blue-grey eyes and [Read More...]

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Volvo Dudes to Dads

Volvo Presents Dudes To Dads At Johnson’s Baby Sense Seminars 2014

If you missed our post last month, you won’t be aware that our resident Super Dad, Richard Hardiman will be representing Dudes to Dads at this year’s Johnson’s Baby Sense Seminars. We are very proud to announce that Dudes to Dads will be in partnership with Volvo Cars South Africa at this countrywide roadshow that’s [Read More...]

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Wellness Mandela Day

#67 (Wellness)Tips on Mandela Day

Mandela Day is about making a change in the world for the better. No matter how small. Wellness Warehouse celebrated Mandela Day this year by sharing 67 health tips with South Africa – one tip for each of the years that Nelson Mandela spent making the world a better place. [Read More...]

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Dirty Birdie Bath

Review (& Giveaway): Dirty Birdie Bath!

So I’ve recently stumbled upon a kids bath product that is taking over my bathroom with its brightness and cheer! Strolling through one of the Wellness Warehouses a few weeks ago, I found these bright little sachets of happiness, and as soon as we got home, my son “needed” to bath. From a not-so-little town you’ve probably never heard of in Germanland, called Dresdner, the Dresdner Essenz company created the [Read More...]

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Do You Believe In Magic?

By Natalee Holmes. Last week I was hit with that awful question that a parent dreads…ok, ONE of the awful questions every parent dreads.. “Mommy, is Santa real? Miguel says it’s the parents. Is it?” I was driving. And when he said “I just want to know the truth now” I realised that it was time to tell him. But I was driving. He was behind me. And I knew that this kind of bubble [Read More...]

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Iparent Workshops

Join Our Exclusive iParent Workshop!

As a mom of a 4 year old, I’m so aware of THE “burning issue” in South Africa of Education. The questions of ‘which school’, ‘which opportunities’, ‘which extra-curricular activities’, ‘what will give my child the best advantage’ are ever-present in conversations with my son’s father, because we know that too many public schools are [Read More...]

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