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Challenge Accepted!

ipad air 2

Earlier in the week, My iStore challenged me to close my laptop (read: lock-down of my lifeline!) and put down my cellphone for social media, and to try out their brand new iPad Air 2 for a whole week (EEK!), in a challenge to prove that it’s the ultimate “Everything in One” device. There’s a reason this post has taken a few days to post. Not only did this happened to be a week where I’ve been on the road [Read More…]

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A Few Firsts to Cherish with Huggies® – What’s New:


Becoming a mom is one of the most amazing experiences in a woman’s life. From the first moment that you hold your baby in your arms, you will do whatever it takes to care for and protect your little one. From the moment you meet your precious one, hear his first cry, see his first stretch, Huggies® My First Nappy provides the gentlest protection so that you can feel confident that you are giving both yourself and your little one [Read More…]

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The Ultimate Safety Course for Kids hits Johannesburg These Holidays!

Safety City

Joburg Moms, look out! This is something you don’t want your kids to miss. Not only is it an ideal time to be talking to your kids about their safety,  there is a program that takes place during the holidays, so you can have a few extra days of sanity, while they have some fun! Do your children know what to do in the event of a fire, when someone gets hurt, how to stop bleeding or splint a broken limb? Can they call an EMS, cross the road safely, call the poison centre? Do they know how to say no if someone is being inappropriate? If the answer to [Read More…]

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Mompreneurs Prepare To Be The Jack Russell

Paul Raphaely Mompreneurs

If you’re a mom with her own business, or Mompreneur, and haven’t yet booked your spot for this week’s networking breakfast in Johannesburg, stop what you’re doing and get on it. Following a hugely well received Cape Town Mompreneurs event, we were asked to bring the NoMU wonderboy up to Johannesburg to share his insight with the ladies at our networking breakfast up there. For the first time in Jo’burg Mompreneurs history, we’re going to be having a man… (and not just any man).. speak at our Networking Breakfast. (It’s a pleasure, ladies – and [Read More…]

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Joburg Panel

Super Panel for Jo’burg Dudes to Dads…

Ladies, if you haven’t yet heard of this concept, sit up, take note, and make sure you clear hubby’s schedule for this Wednesday night. Dudes to Dads is heading to Joburg (first time ever, and their last event for the year), where the expecting and brand new fathers can congregate and ask the questions they might have, and not too comfortable asking in front of you. They need to hear the honest answers and be sent home enthused about what’s [Read More…]

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N2ice Cream Lab

SA’s First Liquid Nitrogen Ice-Cream Store opens in Cape Town

N2IceCream, South Africa’s very first liquid nitrogen ice cream has opened its doors in Parklands Cape Town. The concept of using liquid nitrogen to freeze ice cream, while massive overseas has not yet hit the shores of Cape Town yet. Owner of N2IceCream, Maija Groenewald explains why this gas is so important in creating quality [Read More…]

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Baby Wearing

The Benefits of Baby Wearing

It is International Baby Wearing Week. Not sure what Baby Wearing is? Well, it’s exactly what it says – using a sling or wrap, or other form of carrier to ‘wear’ your baby. In fact, the many supporters of baby carrying say that babies should be carried constantly for the first few months of life… [Read More…]

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Mompreneurs Networking Breakfast

Take Back Your Financial Power

The journey into motherhood more often than not comes with a change in mindset about our careers. Those few months of maternity leave spikes a whole level of creativity. “How can I stay at home with my baby for longer?”, “What could I do from home to have the flexibility around my children?” or more often: “I just can’t fathom going back to work and leaving this tiny angel with someone else, but we just can’t afford it!” These sentiments are more common than not, and have launched a whole industry of spirited Mompreneurs. Mommy Matters, which was born out [Read More…]

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The Kids Cooking Club

Fun at the Mambo’s Kids Cooking Club

If a visit to Mambos Plastic Warehouse wasn’t enough excitement for this mom, Ben and I were invited here to join in on their monthly Kids Baking Club, with The Kids Cooking Club, this weekend. Welcomed by the amazing Taryn and her team, the little people were quickly geared up in aprons, designing their chef’s [Read More…]

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Aquarium Membership

Last Few Days to Save at The Aquarium

For any mom or dad who’s had to come up with entertainment every weekend in Cape Town over the winter months for the little people, you will know that the one attraction you couldn’t live without is The Aquarium! The Two Ocean’s Aquarium, situated in Cape Town’s V&A Waterfront, is an all-weather, indoor experience for young and old to enjoy. It is the perfect outing [Read More…]

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Planes 2 Review

REVIEW: Planes 2 – Fire & Rescue. Dusty’s Back!

One of the many benefits of being a Mommy Blogger, and a boy mom is I get to go watch all the Disney movies without all the princesses and singing! After the success of “Cars”, our household was quite taken with “Planes”, which released last year, and although the storyline wasn’t all that off from “Cars 2” with its race around the globe theme, it brought about a new energy, cause “Planes are cooler than [Read More…]

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Kate Pregnant

Kate’s Morning Sickness Lets the Cat out the Bag

The Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William are expecting her second child and being treated for severe morning sickness, royal officials announced today. The couple’s Clarence House office said they and their families were “delighted” with the baby news, and that the former Kate Middleton was being treated at Kensington Palace for severe morning sickness. [Read More…]

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